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Harmony in the Body and Spirit

Our body is composed of molecules. When the atoms within these molecules act in tandem, when they join together, when they share the electron, when they work as a unit, we have health. We fall prey to disease and negativity when the molecules are separated. What causes this kind of separation are negative energies such as hate, anger, and fear—essentially anything that is contrary to the Light of the Creator.

If we behave “like God,” living in harmony with all that lives, then likewise, there is harmony in our bodies. From this perspective, kindness and sharing isn’t a matter of morality or of “being a good person.” Rather, it’s about aligning ourselves with the all-powerful Light force that is within and all around us.

It is great to immerse our minds in deep spiritual concepts, to learn the 72 Names, to memorize all the mediations. But it’s more important to understand and to live the concept that when we divert our energy from living in harmony with all that is, we create within ourselves an opening for negativity to enter.


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