Kabbalistic Concepts

Human Dignity for All

Each one of us represents a piece of the Creator. Every person alive—no matter who we are, how we pray, or what language we speak—is part of the energy of the Light of God. As such, we must extend human dignity to all.

Now you may say, “Come on, of course I treat others with human dignity!” But the fact is that many times, this isn’t the case—for any of us. As human beings, each of us has our own little idiosyncrasies: things that we consistently say or do in certain situations.

For example, how often at a restaurant or at the front desk of a hotel do we let loose on the person who has absolutely nothing to do with the problem we’re having? We may not witness the consequences of our anger, but that reactive energy we’ve put out often catapults onto the next person that our “scapegoat” has to deal with. Or how many times do we get upset at someone in line in front of us just because we are running late? Do we ever think about how our negative energy might affect that person and, in turn, all of the people that he or she will affect that day?

Each and every one of us in our own way does things like this, and though they aren’t big things, they do create little waves that ripple out and affect many more people than we can imagine.

Today, therefore, ask yourself: What are these situations in my life where I consistently react badly? What can I do to make a change?


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