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Important Alert: Zohar Scanning

Dear Community,

At this time when we are witnessing a storm that is being reported as one of the worst in history to affect the United States. So many of us feel helpless not sure how we can help or what to do. While we are not certain what the reason is for such a storm, we at The Kabbalah Centre are blessed to have the Zohar, a tool that we can use to send a consciousness that can transform negativity to Light.

The Portion of Korach, discusses an earthquake, a natural disaster. We know that our teachers have taught us that by reading and scanning from this portion we are given the power of mind over matter, consciousness over physicality.

Let’s band together as the powerful and united community that we are and lend our consciousness to help those who need it most from us at this time. We can meditate and use our tools to affect positive change in the path of this storm.  Please read and scan Volume 18 of the Zohar, portion of Korach.

Let’s use our efforts to push back the storm from doing any harm.

With great appreciation for your support,

Karen Berg


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