Love & Relationships Kabbalistic Concepts

In the Eyes of God

All of us are created with both positive and negative characteristics; all of us have the ability to soar to the highest spiritual heights and to sink down to the darkest depths. Yet in the eyes of the Creator, we are forever perfect and forever loved.

The Creator will always accept us, work with us, and be with us in spite of all our frailties. He loves us with our sadness, with our despondencies, with our fears, and with all our other shortcomings.

As human beings, you and I will never reach the level of the Creator’s perfect love. But what we can strive for is the ability to look at each other without judgment. The judgment we fail to restrict ourselves from applying to others is the judgment that rebounds back on us. On the other hand, when we see the good in others, our own Light shines brighter in the world.


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