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It's Not About You

Within the 72 Names of God, there is only one letter that is missing, and that is Gimel. This is because the Gimel represents ge’ava, or “pride.” Pride overrides a person’s awareness and appreciation of the Light in their life.

There are many people who must struggle for success but manage to make something of themselves, just as there are many who struggle but fail to achieve success. What is the difference between these two types of people?

They both have the potential of the Creator within, but one desires success so that he can share it with others, while the other desires success only so he can feel good about himself.

We have a choice—either to be a Light for the world or to be a Light only for ourselves. On our path to success, there must be the recognition that only the power of the Light will allow us to fulfill our purpose. If we are following a higher purpose that is supported by the Light, then we will succeed.


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