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Judgment and Mercy

There are two names for two types of energy: judgment and mercy. Judgment is Left Column energy; it’s the order in the universe, the cause and effect, the energy of the Desire to Receive. We cannot change it. Mercy is the Endless, it’s Right Column energy; the seed of creation that is above nature, a sharing energy that manifests in our being merciful and forgiving – even if one doesn’t deserve forgiveness.

Each one of us has these two types of energy, judgment and mercy. One needs to learn to work with both. There is no absolute, standard way, but many ways open to the individual if they can operate with these two types of energy. For instance, if one is only operating with the energy of judgment and has order in his life (and is almost like a robot), when he sees people operating differently from him he will separate himself and limit his ability to work and engage with others.

Conversely, a person who operates only with mercy isn’t limiting his ability to give or share, he doesn’t have much structure or boundaries for himself and others, and he finds himself always drained and being taken advantage of. At some point, this person will just stop sharing and giving, or get frustrated with others and ultimately exile himself.

So, as we see in both cases, neither is the ultimate way. But the perfect combination of the two energies gives a human being an unstoppable desire and ability to conquer any goal. More specifically, their own goals.

In the Zohar portion of Noach, verse 386 mentions that if one has absolute control over his mind, over his thinking, accompanied with tremendous emotion, heart and belief, he will complete his mission. People like Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. effected great and positive change in the world; they had a goal and were set in their minds and they had faith and believed and were united. They spoke the same spiritual language and, eventually, they got what they wanted. As we know, whatever negativity is in the root is also the seed of the destruction of that same thing. So it grows the seed of destruction of the thing you are trying to create. Imagine if you – like Gandhi and King – have a positive purpose and you can gather a few people on the same mission – what type of outcome could be achieved?

Even if it’s just about your own life, your business, even if it is just your spouse or your partner, think of bringing these two names together. One with absolute order and structure, and one being okay with mistakes and needing more practice. I look at my teachers Rav and Karen Berg; together they created an unstoppable organization that works for one mission: to remove pain, suffering and death through introducing human beings to the wisdom of Kabbalah. That can help one take absolute control over his mind, over his emotions and, ultimately, over his life.


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