Kabbalistic Concepts

Justice and Mercy: Where’s the Balance?

Many of us are willing to fight for the concept of justice. But what we need to understand is that justice must be tempered with mercy.

Think about it: If there were no mercy in this world, can you imagine what a cold, harsh life it would be? If the Creator enacted justice without mercy upon each one of us, we probably wouldn’t be here anymore; we’d be done for. Yes, we need justice, and the world needs justice. But we need mercy just as much, and the world needs mercy, too, especially in this time of rampant chaos.

As part of the network of consciousness that is creating a world that is ever evolving and moving forward, it is up to each of us individually to choose to bring this energy of mercy into the world and to be more merciful and forgiving with others. After all, that which we forgive in others is what we will, in turn, be forgiven for.


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