Global Consciousness Kabbalistic Concepts

Let the Light In

Oftentimes, many of strive for certain things in our life. We visualize ourselves building a hugely profitable business or we see that we want a certain relationship to work out. While such determination is great, we must always be cognizant of our spiritual journey and ask of the Creator, “If what I want is not the thing for me, if it is not the thing that I need to do at this time, then make it not happen.” Perhaps we are determined to go here or there with these people or those people, but consider this: Maybe if what we want never happens, we might find ourselves in a place that is ten times better for us.

No matter how perfect we think our plan is, we should always ask the Creator to be a part of our consciousness, so that even though we may have decided where we want to go, we are still allowing for an opening to change our mind. If we can do this at least for this month of Taurus—if we can open ourselves to new ideas and new relationships—then by the end of the month, we may find ourselves in a totally different space.

“If what we want never happens, it could be that it is because there is something much better in store for us.”


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