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Look Inside and Heal

Each one of us contains a spark of the Creator: This is a concept we hear often enough and can usually readily accept.

What can be more difficult to accept is that however we look at an individual, however evil we think this person may be, however much chaos we decide he or she has caused us in our life, they, too, have a spark of the Creator within. It doesn’t matter who this person is: a business partner who wasn’t very business-like, a lover who didn’t treat us quite right, a friend who seemed to betray us.

We have two ways to handle these situations where we have a problem with someone. One option is to externalize the issue: to completely shut that person out and do our utmost to forget it ever happened. The other option is to understand that he or she is also part of the Creator, and if they have done an injury to us, it is because some place or some time, either in this reincarnation or in an earlier one, we created the space for this injury to happen.

Whatever it is that we do in this world, we need to approach it with an understanding of personal responsibility—that we are each 100% responsible for everything we experience. With this understanding, we can learn how to look inside and heal, rather than outside to blame and judge.

Does this mean that if, God forbid, somebody takes away everything I have built my entire life, I should do nothing about it? The answer is, of course not. We need to take action in this physical world. But the key to making the action we take count for something good and constructive is the consciousness with which we do it.

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