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Making a Cosmic Deposit

One of the first things we learn as students of Kabbalah is the difference between Receiving for the Sake of Sharing with others and Receiving for the Self Alone. Kabbalists teach that not only are we meant to share our blessings and gifts with the world, the more we do so, the more we receive. We can actually open up channels of Light in our lives, simply through the act of sharing. We get what we give.

However, there are times in our lives when we find the results of all our “sharing” less than satisfying. We have all experienced giving everything we have, while receiving little to nothing in return. When this happens, it is not a glitch in the system, but has more to do with the way in which we are sharing.

When we “hold on” to the acts of kindness or good deeds we’ve done, we considerably limit the Light those actions can bring into the world. Think of the universe as a giant cosmic bank where we make deposits each day through our actions. When we help out a neighbor, volunteer our time, or reach out to someone having a bad day, we are making deposits in our cosmic bank account. Likewise, we make withdrawals—things like our health, the love we receive, or financial security, are examples of what we receive back based on our “investments.”

“Every day that we do actions of sharing beyond our comfort zone, or extend ourselves as a good friend, or pray not only for ourselves but for others as well, we are making a deposit into our cosmic bank account,” says Karen Berg. And the bank is always open, constantly taking our deposits or sending blessings our way. “But we have to keep making deposits; we can’t rely on some good deed we did three years ago, hoping it will tide us over. Just as we need to eat every day, we need to share every day, too.”

The only way to guarantee that the Light you will need in the future will be available to you is to act with compassion, kindness, and selflessness, and then forget about it. Oftentimes, we “hold on” to all the positive things we’ve done. This can happen without us even realizing it. But the moment we need assistance, we recall all of the past actions we believe should secure blessings for ourselves.

We are very good at accounting when it comes to our positive actions. We want to hold on to all the good we have done. But we must let go of our acts of sharing. Kabbalists teach that our positive actions and the ways in which we share with others have the potential to grow. The Light we bring into the world can expand exponentially if and when we let go of our actions, stop keeping track, and focus instead on what great act of sharing we will do next. Giving is only one aspect of the equation. The next step is to forget.

The thing we should remember is to check in with ourselves daily and ask, Have I made a deposit in my cosmic bank account today? The only way to truly get what we give is to forget. When we do, we clear the way for tremendous blessings to enter our lives. Keep in mind the cosmic exchange may take time. In addition, things may not unfold as we expect them to—we may not receive the same things we give and they may come from different people. Rest assured, however, that the goodness you’ve let go of will come back to you in the most beautiful, albeit unexpected way.


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