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Making Space for Certainty

“When we have certainty, difficulties go from seeming insurmountable to being the easiest things to overcome.”

– Rav Berg

Kabbalists teach that certainty is one of the most important tools for spiritual growth. Of course, study and connecting with community is also important. So, what makes certainty so vital to our spiritual growth? Kabbalists explain that the blessings we want to draw into our lives need a place to rest. They call this space a vessel and teach that the greatest vessel is certainty. When a person has certainty, he is completely united and bonded with the Light of the Creator. As such, Light can enter more quickly and easily into that person’s life.

Likewise, when a person’s life and consciousness is filled with doubt and worry, their connection to the Light of the Creator is broken. Even if there were blessings meant to manifest and come into this person’s life, uncertainty prevents the Light of the Creator from entering, and thus the blessings that were waiting for him or her.

It’s quite a spiritual leap for some to imagine that each of us has many more blessings that have been prepared and are ready to manifest than those we actually receive. Even the most conscious among us still live with some element of doubt, uncertainty, and worry. Still, according to Michael Berg, “No matter what actions we do, if we are not able to develop our certainty in the Light of the Creator, we will not be able to continuously draw greater and greater blessings into our life.”

So, how do we cultivate certainty? It’s very simple. Practice.

Start with small situations – things you find mildly annoying or frustrating. For example, someone cuts in front of you at the bank. Your first response might be to get angry and react. With certainty, you can view the same situation as a lesson or hidden blessing the Creator has sent your way. By continuously reminding yourself that everything that happens is an opportunity, you practice creating space (or vessel) for blessings.

It takes an incredible amount of trust in the Creator to stop yourself from reacting and say, This is coming from the Light of the Creator. There’s something here that is to my benefit. I accept it and am not angry about it. Actually, I welcome this opportunity. “Instead of feeling doubt every time something seemingly negative happens,” says Karen Berg, “what we should say is, ‘I don't understand this situation, but I've done everything that I can to make it a positive experience. So I’ll have certainty that in the larger scheme of things, this situation is indeed positive.’ With this consciousness, we give darkness no entry into our situation.” Once you make a habit of certainty with the small grievances in your life, work your way to larger, more significant setbacks.

This is a moment by moment, day after day kind of practice. It doesn’t happen overnight. But with time, we have the ability to grow our certainty in the Light of the Creator. By doing so, we grow our ability to receive and manifest remarkable blessings the Creator has in store for us.


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