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Memories that Last

How many of us remember what we had for lunch three Tuesdays ago? My guess is not many. But I bet if we went out for a great meal with friends to discuss how we were going to do something that would help someone else, we’d remember the meal, no problem. We might even remember all the details of what we ordered and how everything tasted. It would be a pleasant memory, one perhaps imprinted in our minds for a while to come.

The reason for this is because when we are engaged and involved with others, we escape the bondage of the “me” and connect ourselves with the Light inside us. When we are focused only on fulfilling our Desire to Receive for the Self Alone (that is, our base physical desires), there is very little spiritual energy involved. However, when we share—when there is someone or something outside of ourselves in the equation—then a spiritual circuitry is created that connects us to a different, higher aspect of ourselves, thus making way for true fulfillment.

Think back on the best times of your life. You will most likely find that there was someone else there to enjoy the time or the feeling with you.


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