Kabbalistic Concepts

Moving Forward

Sometimes we think that just because we may have transformed a few negative traits in ourselves, certain things should manifest in our lives and when they don’t we get upset or disappointed.

But the question I would challenge you with in response to this is: “How do you know it shouldn’t have been worse? How do you know that the place that you are, isn’t better than where you were originally going to be had you not done any spiritual work?

Consider this metaphor: When someone, God forbid, comes into your home and he steals some money out of your purse or he destroys some of your property, what do we say? We say, “Well, thank God, it could have been worse.” Right?

The same thing with our lives: We never know what our part is in creating our reality as it is. The only thing we can know is that if we become more and more aware of our actions, during the day, and we learn how to participate more with other people, and we learn how to benefit others and ourselves, then we are moving forward on the right path.


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