Kabbalistic Concepts

Moving Forward This Year

As I mentioned at the seed of this year in on Rosh Hashanah, this year, 5776, is what they call a "mutable year."

This year will be a year where we need to move forward, where things have to flow, where we have to be a part of the process that will move us into a new direction, perhaps even into a different vocation.

The only thing that can stop us from succeeding this year is our inability or reluctance to move ahead. If we are willing to go with the tide, if we are willing to change, if we are willing to live in a year that’s not a year of illusion, then we can become a part of something beautiful and new.

The world is shifting, and we are shifting with it. We are moving into a new spiritual paradigm, and all of us who live with an awareness of the force of the Light of the Creator need to tap into and use this awareness the best that we can.


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