Kabbalistic Concepts

Mysteries of the Creator

Many people opposed to the widespread teaching of the secrets of Kabbalah have quoted Deuteronomy 29:28 that says: The mysteries belong to God…but the things revealed belong to us.” From a kabbalistic perspective, this quote doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t probe, search, and seek to learn and understand the deeper workings of our reality.

What it does mean is that when a person, thing, or situation throws a monkey-wrench in our way that that ruins our plans, sets us back, or leaves us standing bewildered and confused, we shouldn’t create a space for revenge, anger, or retaliation. According to the law of cause and effect in this universe, a person will eventually reap whatever he or she has sown. We don’t need to concern ourselves with the inner motivations of the others; we can leave those mysteries to the Creator.

What we should understand, however, that each monkey-wrench that comes our way is really a wakeup call. It is the universe guiding us on our course, saying, “You are going the wrong way. Turn this way instead.” Eventually, we will come to bless every difficult person or situation that comes into our life because he, she, or it allows us to create something that didn’t exist before, be it balance, strength, or a new perspective.

“Every difficulty we face can eventually lead us to something positive-- be it balance, strength, or a new perspective.”


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