Global Consciousness Kabbalistic Concepts


Many people today are asking, "Why are there are so many more natural disasters today than ever before? Why does the food that we eat need to be genetically engineered? How come our water needs to be drunk out of a bottle and not from natural sources?"

One of the reasons is that Mother Nature is actually giving back to us, unfortunately, what we ourselves put into the environment. Because of humankind’s greed, because of our single-minded drive to win financial gain, we have destroyed the Earth’s water and atmosphere. We’ve contaminated the oceans with oil and garbage and created holes in the Earth’s ozone layer, changing the temperature and destroying wildlife.

Within everything in this universe, there is a polarity, and nature is a part of that. If we are truly coming closer to the time of what we call Final Redemption—the time when the totality of spiritual Light will be revealed in this world—then we are equally coming closer to a time of total negativity, darkness, and disasters. Our world is constantly evolving. What it evolves towards—Light or darkness—is ultimately up to us.


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