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Our Unique Community

The Kabbalah Centre is a unique community: a community where we sit, love, hug, and laugh with each other; where we see beyond color, race, religion, and all the other things that separate people and mark them as different, as the "other."

The Kabbalah Centre is a community where we don’t care about our personal preferences or how we choose to find ourselves within our Creator. It is a society where we are open to the privilege of being with like-minded individuals who accept each other for who they are. Sure, each us has our negative aspects, but in this world-spanning community, we can live with together as one unit.

In most of the world, people are judged by their sexual preference, by their money, by their status, by their religion, by whatever other means society chooses to judge people. The Kabbalah Centre, thank God, strives to be different because we understand that a spark of the Creator is in all of us, and it isn’t our place to judge.

We are not here to be God’s policemen.


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