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Overcoming Fears

It’s no fun to be afraid, whether that fear is simply a mild unease or a paralyzing apprehension that keeps you from moving forward. But how can we learn to overcome fear? How can we stop the flow of adrenaline that starts charging through our bodies when we’re afraid?

Here’s one tool I can give you:

Write down what you think you're afraid of and then assign a color to it. People often choose black or red because these colors are usually associated with fear, but feel free to choose whatever color works for you.

Once you have identified the fear, ask your Higher Consciousness, “What color will help me to heal this fear?” Be open to receiving an answer. The most important part of this exercise is to allow yourself to receive the answers that are already within you. The first color that comes to your mind will be your healing color.

Next, making sure that you are in a comfortable position, breathe in your healing color, then breathe out the color of your fear. Do this 12 times, taking the time to really feel the power of each and every breath as your body fills with the energy of healing.

Now ask your healing color to help you locate the seed of your fear because the thing that you think you fear is not what you’re really afraid of. There is something beneath your fear, and that is the seed that you need to find.

Maybe your real fear is loss of control or a fear of not being loved. As you meditate on your healing color, allow it to reveal the seed of your real fear and the location of this seed in your body.

Once you have done this, write down what you discovered on a piece of paper. Journal about your experience, making sure to note everything that came up for you.

The final part of this exercise is to take a match and set the paper on fire (using, of course, all necessary safety precautions), allowing the fire to cleanse you of your fear for good.


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