Kabbalistic Concepts

Why Does Negativity Exist?

What is negative energy and where is its origin?

Everything is balanced in this world. We have the choice, the free will, but for every positive precept that exists in this world, there is also the force that can make us behave in a manner that is equally opposite to that consciousness of sharing and goodness.

If we do not go through the suffering and pain of negativity we can never achieve, says the Zohar, the level of vayechi; we will not know what it means to “live.” There is no way of measuring goodness if it is not counterbalanced with negativity, which enables us to determine which path to choose. If someone is born into a situation of sheer positivity, his level of consciousness will never take him beyond the level of consciousness upon which he came into this world.

Jacob drew down the energy of vayechi, of life. When an individual gets involved in an accident or contracts a disease, the Zohar says it is because this person has become vulnerable. In other words, if there is an empty space that we do not fill with positive energy, we become vulnerable and everything else can come in.

The Zohar says that if we are not living within the frame of reference known as positivity, life or Or deChochmah (Light of Wisdom), we have created an opening by which all forms of negativity can now come in because they are always attached to the place of lack. This is the way diseases and accidents occur.

Jacob subdued, overcame, and vaporized the highest form of negative energy. For him, it became nonexistent. It is said that the moment Jacob came to Egypt, the famine ceased and everything beneficent became established with him.  The reading of Vayechi enables us to go back in time, to be there together with Jacob, and to create again, as Jacob did, a condition for all mankind where negativity could no longer become manifest.


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