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Owning Our Experiences

A lot of us think our responsibility lies with other people. As a result, when something happens that throws us off course, we immediately look for a scapegoat.

When we come from this place of blame, however, we are just binding ourselves into our own bondage, our reactive consciousness. The truth is that the minute we fall into judgement of others, ourselves, or the situation before us, we lose the opportunity to see and immediately act upon the chance to reconnect to the Light.

Each one of us is a teacher and each one of us is a student, meaning all the things that happen in our life are there as lessons for us to learn from.

When we are able to view our reality through the lens of personal responsibility rather than through the lens of judgment and blame, we gain the ability to free ourselves of the karmic influences that keep us experiencing the same patterns over and over again. And so, we consistently need to ask ourselves: “Why am I in this picture? What reaction is this experience bringing up in me that I need to take 100% responsibility for, and then let go of once and for all?”

Just for today, stay open and don’t judge yourself, others, or the situation before you. Instead, simply notice what reaction the person or situation brings up in you and own it.


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