Kabbalistic Concepts

Popular Courses of 2015

What area of your life are you looking to transform this year?!  Kabbalah University offers lessons focused on bringing change and transformation to every area of your life through the tools of Kabbalah. Our most popular courses of 2015 offer lessons on various topics like Relationships, Astrology and Kabbalistic meditation. Start your year off right - Sign up now to learn more!

  1. Introduction to Kabbalah
  2. Zohar Class
  3. Tools for Change
  4. The Sin of Adam & Eve with Meir Yeshurun
  5. Journey to the Beginning of the Endless with Karen Berg
  6. Kabbalistic Astrology: Discovering your True Nature with Yael Yardeni
  7. In the Name of Love with Monica Berg
  8. Prayer of a Kabbalist with David Ghiyam


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