Kabbalistic Concepts

Seeing Your Inner Light

Throughout the years, kabbalists have taught the consciousness of seeing the Light found within oneself – a Light with which we can connect during the Torah portion of Metzora. What does this mean? We know that the kabbalists do not refer to physical Light; they mean our talents, our potential and the true essence of our soul. When a person has anger, or when we feel superior to those around us, these thoughts/emotions are being driven by our limited consciousness; the kabbalists say this kind of consciousness is responsible for all blocks and challenges in a person’s life.

The lesson we’d like to learn here is that of simplicity. Because when we want something in life, we tend to do our calculations and our projections to acquire those things. Often these estimates and projections lead us to lose our essence, increasingly moving us away from our simplicity – and even causing us to lose contact with those around us.

This is where our limited consciousness comes into play, leading us to judge, control and calculate (thinking only of ourselves). Therefore, I propose a challenge this week. Please watch and note the following points:

Projects, relationships, etc.
undertaken at some point
Your intention when starting these projectsWhere is your intention today regarding these projects?




The idea of this challenge is simple: To see how, over time, our limited consciousness (through our calculations, etc.), gradually moves us away from our talents, our potential and the essence of our soul, reaching a point where we are so far away that we could wake up one day next to a person who we no longer recognize anymore.

Only through simplicity – being yourself, being real – will you see the Light that has been hidden inside of you all this time.


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