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Serving Humanity

As I was reading through this week’s portion of Vayera, there are so many insights the kabbalists give in their commentaries on the portion, it’s hard to choose only one directive for the week. When this happens, I like to trace back to the very beginning of the portion because the beginning is the “seed” level – it’s the place where we can connect to the essence and to the greatest potential.

In the beginning of the portion, it says that Abraham sat at the entrance of his tent. The commentaries ask the question: Why is it important for us to know where Abraham sat? Well for one thing, we know it is written that it was the hottest day of the year. We also know that Abraham was in a great deal of pain, as this was the third day of his circumcision. Abraham had become quite famous at this point in his life. He was known for being wise, he was well-versed in the stars, and he even learned via a direct connection the qualities and inner workings of the Creator. People sought out Abraham far and wide for his spiritual guidance, for advice, for prayers. And so here we have on the hottest day of the year, Abraham who despite his personal pain sits at the entrance of what is essentially his home, making himself accessible. In fact, it is said that Abraham was not merely available, but that he was looking for anyone who might need him. Abraham was always searching for an opportunity to be a greater servant of the people.

In life, sometimes we get to a place where we are plateauing in our spiritual work. We care for our friends and family, those who are in our inner circle – and surely, if someone were to call upon us, we would be willing to share. What the story of Abraham teaches us is that it’s one thing to help when called upon, but another thing altogether to share when we’re in pain. When we are in pain, we expect to be shared with, but one of the greatest things we can do in the midst of our pain is share with others. It may be difficult, but it’s ever more fulfilling and generates so much Light.

Simply put, the energy of this week is one which can assist us in proactively extending ourselves to others. Throughout the next seven days, look for ways you can be like Abraham, a servant of the people. For in serving humanity, we are in the most profound way a reflection of the Creator, and fulfilling our purpose here on Earth. These are powerful days to give of your talents, help out at a homeless shelter, or even just to open your home to friends.

It is in our efforts to share that, by emulating the Creator’s consistently sharing nature, we ourselves can become beacons and receivers of Light.

This week, let serving humanity be your true North.

Wishing you a blessed week,


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