Love & Relationships Kabbalistic Concepts

Soften Your Heart

Most of us do not keep a notebook, as the Creator does, of all the good and sharing deeds that other people do on our behalf.

For example, when a friend we’ve had for many years does something to offend us, we somehow suddenly “forget” all the good times we've shared and all the wonderful things our friend has done for us in the past. Our heart is hardened by the immediate situation and we can’t appreciate or even see all that came before.

The Creator, however, takes into account all of our actions, and our lives are measured by the net value of the love we’ve shared with others.

Today, soften your heart a bit. When you look at someone, try to see all the love and kindnesses that have transpired up to this point. Look at others with love instead of judgment. Whatever you give to others, you also give to yourself.


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