Kabbalistic Concepts

Stamping Our Feet

We each have our own way of stamping our feet before the Creator.

We say, “I didn’t get the deal. I worked for it. I should have had it. It was mine.” Or we sulk and complain, “I had this gorgeous girlfriend, and she ran off with somebody else. That’s not right! I don’t deserve this. I am trying. I am here and I am fulfilling my purpose. I am doing good. I am starting my spiritual work. I even talk to the Creator once in a while!”

When we are filled with this consciousness, it is as if we are stamping our feet. It’s something we all do, no matter how elevated or righteous we are. We all fall victim to our circumstances once in a while. That’s life. As long as we are breathing, we will stamp our feet.

But remember, our inner child who is stamping his or her feet still has a Father Who is willing to listen. The point is for us to be able to recognize when we are doing this. When we acknowledge and change our consciousness about whatever we are stamping our feet over, we will find the Light of the Creator right there, ready to greet us and to lead us in a new direction.


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