Global Consciousness Kabbalistic Concepts

Strength in Togetherness

One string is easy to break. But if you have a hundred strings together, you'll never be able to break that. The binding of all of us as one unit is what we call the Kabbalah Centre. For when we bond with others in spirituality, when we allow others to become a part of us, we gain a strength that no one can break.

Yes, it’s a fact. We all will face chaos in our lives. Each and every one of us will have opportunities to climb the spiritual ladder. But as long as we are part of each other, bonded with some kind of spiritual community as a whole, we have more than one set of hands to help us.

The bonding together through the Light is our strength. And it doesn't exist because of any one individual. It exists, because WE as a community exist, our teachings exist, our learning exists and it all exists as a unity. That is where our blessing comes from.


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