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Tackling Darkness

We all experience ups and downs in life. Often, the dark times are few. We pass through them, and get back to life as usual. But occasionally, we find ourselves in a very dark place – so dark, it’s difficult to find a quick or easy way out. During these times, it’s not uncommon to feel alone or like the journey towards the Light is a solitary endeavor. It is not.

The Kabbalah Centre teaches that you are never alone. The Light is always with you, even in the darkest or lowest of times. “No matter how far a person falls,” says Michael Berg, “the assistance from the Light of the Creator, always comes down to that place.” However, this does not mean that there is nothing we can do to bring more Light into our lives or help the Creator in helping us. The more positive actions we take, the more assistance we invite from the Creator.

Start by sharing more deeply with others. Sure, we may share when someone asks something of us. But ask yourself how often you share unprompted. How often do you go out of your way to help others? Even when we feel stressed or overcome with worry, we can always bring more Light into the lives of others. In fact, “The kabbalists explain that there's a time for growing, for revealing Light in the Light,” says Michael Berg. “But then there is also a time, which is probably even greater: a time for revealing Light in darkness, revealing Light when a person has fallen.”

Acting outside of our comfort zone is how we kabbalistically create more Light in our lives, even when our comfort zone is relatively limited. Volunteer work, taking action in our communities, and assisting those around us in need helps us to connect to others. But beyond that, it creates a feeling of good will that can improve our emotional wellbeing. Even small acts of kindness lead to big Light-filled rewards at the end of the day.

Another way to bring more Light into dark times is to practice appreciation. Take note of gifts and blessings that are in your life. Even if it feels forced at first. Faking it until you make it can greatly alter our perspectives on a situation. Eventually, you will see that your blessings are abundant and they will continue to grow. We could have everything we ever hoped for, but if we fail to have gratitude for these gifts, it’s as if we had nothing at all.

Realize that you also have more control over your situations than you think. When we are surrounded by darkness it can feel as though things are happening to us, as if we have little control over events as they unfold. Responding to the world from this attitude is reactive behavior, which can become a downward spiral drawing us deeper into darkness. Try being more proactive about life. We are in charge of ourselves. Every time we share, we behave proactively. Every time we restrict our reactive impulses, we behave proactively. This shift invites assistance into our lives through the Creator. “Realize,” says Michael Berg, “that it's really in the times of darkness and in the times when a person falls that offer the greatest opportunity to reveal Light.”


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