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The 72 Names of God: Global Transformation

The conglomeration of our positive thoughts, words, and actions, paves a pathway to positive global change. When we share and treat everyone with dignity, we reveal the piece of the Creator that is part of us. We are the peacekeepers. You and me and “them.” All of us.

It is up to us, in our daily lives, to be aware of our own intolerances. When we disagree—in politics, in business, in our personal relationships—we need to give the other person the space to live and worship safely. That is our job, and now, more than ever before, by doing so, we have the ability to enact true and lasting change.

72 Name #47

Affirmation for the Day:

I am a part of a universal network of consciousness. By treating others with human dignity and kindness, I do my part in bringing about global transformation.


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