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The Difference Between Restriction and Repression

A: Dear Natalie,

What an important question! Thank you so much for asking. Understanding the difference between restriction and repression is essential for authentic spiritual growth.

Restriction is not repression. It does not mean I’m going to shove my feelings under the rug. Our emotions are important spiritual indicators that we should acknowledge and understand. Restriction is also not about repressing our desires. Instead, it’s about not trying to receive everything all at once. We all want Light. That’s one of the first universal laws. We all are driven by the desire for lasting fulfillment, but it’s important to make sure we don’t draw too much Light at one time. Restriction acknowledges our emotions and desires, but helps us to not be controlled by them.

Our ability to resist reactive emotions becomes more refined as we continue to grow. We become more proficient as we experience this process and internalize these principles.

Thank you so much for the great question, and for allowing me the opportunity to clarify.




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