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The First Step to a Miracle

Athletes often have rituals they perform before they compete. A basketball player may bounce the ball three times as she prepares for a three pointer. A swimmer may shake his arms before he steps onto the starting block. But whatever their ritual, athletes all have one thing in common, desire. In that moment before they compete, they focus on one single desire.

The power of connection is an important precept of Kabbalah. When we connect to the Light of the Creator, we shift our consciousness. However, The Kabbalah Centre teaches that consciousness is not enough. We must bring consciousness and action together in order to create miracles. They are inextricably connected. Indeed, no athlete would step up to the starting block, focus all her energy on her desired outcome, and then refuse to dive into the pool. In other words, without action, our intentions won’t get us very far.

The Zohar teaches us that desire is only half of the equation. This, of course, doesn’t only apply to athletes. The same is true for all of us – whether we are seeking a new career path, a new relationship, or a new life direction, we are more likely to manifest miracles by connecting to the Creator and then following up by taking action.

We cannot rely solely on hope for miracles. When we find ourselves in a situation that doesn’t feel right, we cannot simply hope that things will turn out differently or that we will magically find our way. We can spark change at any time by taking active steps towards moving in the direction of our desires and dreams. But the key is taking that first step.

The kabbalists teach that we begin with consciousness. Your ultimate destiny is a result of your consciousness. “All the blessings of all the miracles that we desire are ready,” says Michael Berg. “The only thing that needs to shift is the consciousness that it can really happen.”

Our egos often get in the way of taking action by telling us that it’s too much work, or that we’ve missed the opportunity. However, the Light will always support the positive decisions we make towards change. When you can eliminate the ego from your consciousness, action will naturally follow. “The way to take control of the matter, the way to bring miracles,” says Michael Berg, “is through the difficult work, the work that we don't want to do, the work that we are not inspired to do, the work that our desires tell us not to do.”

Life will surely take us down some unexpected detours. Connect to the Light, have trust in the Light, and then take a step. You’ll know that you’re headed in the right direction when things seem to fall in line. Action brings about miracles to help you along the way. “Once a person decides to do the right thing—to do whatever it takes to connect to the Light of the Creator,” says Michael Berg, “miracles will occur to support that person.”


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