Kabbalistic Concepts

The Ledger of Life

Admit it: We’ve all done negative actions. The question now is how do we counteract them with good?

I know of a man that used to continually engage in extra-marital affairs. Then he decided to change his ways. Now he is loyal, he gives to charity, and he has become part of a community that he gives back to. In the ledger of life, he is paying back his cosmic debt.

Today, take a good look at your own life. What is your debt? If you don’t know why bad things are happening in your life, find out. Having certainty is the knowledge that if something is going wrong in your life, it is because your cosmic bank account is depleted. Start putting positive thoughts, words, and actions into the universe – in other words, start making daily deposits in the bank – and things will get better! Begin your own daily ledger sheet so the cosmos does not have to do it for you.


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