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The Light in Pain

In our study of Kabbalah, we learn that the brightest and greatest light is often concealed by the most darkness.

In those difficult situations we may feel as if there is no Creator, or that He is not around to help. However, we need to always remind ourselves that the Light exists constantly in everything, and even more so in the most uncomfortable and difficult situations.

It is written in the portion of Miketz, ‘and Joseph is the ruler over the land’. The Zohar explains that this verse gives us the strength and knowledge to be in control, especially when a negative situation arises.

When difficult circumstances arrive in our life, we know that they come from the Light. We need to fight to pass the test – to break the barrier – in order to receive the Light. The test is here to give us an opportunity to earn the Light.

They called Joseph ‘MASHBIR’ (which comes from the root word ‘Shavar’, meaning ‘to break through’) because he broke the barriers and became a channel of Light to others.

Why does a student come to their teacher when they are facing difficulties? One reason is because the teacher can guide the student to the Light. When we are facing difficulties (and everyone does), it is very hard to see the Light in those situations. But the real miracles, the real spiritual work, happen when we go through significant difficulties, persevere, and break through to see the other side – the side where the Light resides.

I have two students that could not conceive children for 17 years, and when the doctors gave up, so did the couple. It was a very difficult process for them. When they came to the Kabbalah Centre, we started to work together one on one, and after a while they told me their story of how they had not been able to bring children into the world – no matter what they tried. We started talking about the aforementioned concept that difficult situations arise not to bring us down, but rather to allow us the opportunity to overcome them and receive great blessings. Through their spiritual work, and their understanding of and certainty in this concept, they did indeed break through the barrier in their lives: today, they have two beautiful children.

The Creator sends challenges into our lives for the purpose of finding the Light in pain. The pain allows us to connect to certainty in the Light. The teacher will appear when the student is ready to break through and find the Light, when the student is most open to the Light.

From now on, when we are facing a problem, or when we see people going through difficulties, remember that what looks to us like the darkest, most challenging times, are actually what will bring us the greatest Light and biggest blessings.


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