Kabbalistic Concepts

The Power of Being Humble

The way we receive the most satisfaction in our life is through the knowing that without the Divine Light—that part of us connecting us to the infinite Lifeforce of the Creator—we are nothing.

In this kind of true humility, we can receive all the blessings the Creator intends for us.

Consider this: A person goes to the Creator and says, “I screwed up big time. I did the worse things that I could possibly do. But I’m still ticking; my heart is still pounding in my chest, and that means You’ve given me the opportunity to change. I offer myself and all that I’ve done to You, so that You can change me and allow me the merit to connect even further to You.”

Essentially, this person understands that without the soul—without the Divine spark that flickers inside and sustains us—we have nothing. Everything material is temporary and can be gone in one second. Once we recognize this and appeal to the Creator—the source of that Divine spark—to help us, we have everything.


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