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The Power of Humility

Before the Ten Utterances (Ten Commandments) were presented to Moses on Mount Sinai, it is said there was a buzz in Heaven: Each mountain wanted the Utterances to be given on it. The only mountain that stayed quiet was Sinai because she was the smallest one and she knew she didn’t have much to offer. But in the end, the Creator chose Sinai because, being the meekest and most humble, she was the only one capable of handling all of the energy that would be revealed on her summit.

Within the 72 Names of God, there is no gimel, which is the first letter of the word ga’avah, meaning “pride” or “Ego.” The reason the gimel was left out is because there is no ga’avah in the framework of the Creator. Humility is the key factor in sustaining our connection to the Light; ego and pride hinder our ability to channel this Energy.

This doesn’t mean that we must give up everything and refuse to receive anything. What it does mean, however, is that we understand that everything that we have and everything that we are was granted to us for a purpose. We are messengers with whatever gifts we have, be it intelligence, money, or wisdom.

So when we say (and being human, we will say this), “But I did it. I developed it. I created it. I made it happen,” we must remember Who gave us our abilities in the first place. We are messengers here to channel the Light of the Creator, and the more we leave our ga’avah out of it, the greater the messenger we can be.


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