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The Power of Music

Music is a universal language. Leonard Bernstein said, “Through music you can reach the unreachable and communicate the unknowable.”

In music we can find love. We can find joy, even sadness. Anything that you choose to find, you can find in the world of music because it is a creative language that speaks to the soul. It allows us to communicate in a way far beyond words. In music we can feel the Godliness inside of us.

During the time of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, the Levites were designated by God to be the singers because of their ability to draw the greatest amount of the Light. When people came into the Temple and heard the Levites singing, they suddenly forgot the negativity that they had come in with. The voices of the Levites opened the people’s hearts and eyes. They suddenly were able to fall into prayer with a consciousness and awareness that they had not felt before. That is how powerful music can be.


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