Kabbalistic Concepts

The Secret of Bo

Everything that takes place in the physical, material world is only the effect of a prior thought, a prior occurrence, a prior cause in the non-physical, immaterial world. This is the first and simplest lesson we should have all learned in Kabbalah. For example, our hand will not go up or down without the prior thought of moving it up and down. Thought is the motivation in this world and is what initiates an action. Nothing of a physical nature determines action. The original force behind all this physical movement must originate in the immaterial and non-physical realm.

The Zohar explains that in the first verse of the portion of Bo God told Moses to come to where He is, to come up to where he can fight Pharaoh in consciousness, teaching us that we can never eliminate chaos on the physical level, only on the metaphysical realm. 

This is what the Bible is teaching us. God is telling us bo: Come with Me to where I am. I am at a non-physical, performing level. God is above the level of anything of a physical nature. So when God said: “Come to Pharaoh,” He means come with Me into this realm above physical nature because it is the only realm where we can eliminate chaos.

Taken from Rav Berg's 1989 lecture on the portion of Bo


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