Kabbalistic Concepts

The Temple Inside

"And it came to pass... that the Tabernacle was erected."

- Exodus 40:17

This week's energy is the completion of a process of creating a tabernacle, or home, for the Creator. Likewise, in our own lives, many of us strive to create such a place for peace, harmony, happiness and fulfillment.

In the portion of Terumah in the book of Exodus, we read that the Creator invites anyone with a willing heart to contribute towards the creation of this structure and says “I will dwell in their midst”, meaning not inside of the structure but inside of those who will create space.

The Light force of the Creator, the energy of life itself, is available all around us in everything, every day. Yet not all of us feel that energy of being alive all the time. To enhance our connection to and feeling of the energy of life, we can look at the relationship between our soul – a spark of the divine life energy – and our body--the container and personal home for that energy.

To make the soul a comfortable resident in the body and allow it shine through the body, we need to create an affinity of form between our soul and body. As a divine spark of life, our soul is pure. Therefore, our body needs to be clear from toxic energy in order to connect to the soul. It is the law of vibration. Negative emotions such as shame and guilt don't vibrate at the same frequency as our soul. Resentment, fear and anger cannot house, feel and express the vibrant, pure energy of the soul.

A mind with the consciousness of global sharing and responsibility creates a space for the divine energy to dwell inside. An open heart that lets unconditional love flow through it, and constant detoxifying from low-vibration emotions and energy creates the vessel, the temple inside.

Today, let's open our hearts to the deep meaning of being a beacon of Light, and shine for the world!


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