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The Test

Oftentimes, we see ourselves as pure. Well, maybe not completely pure, but at least not particularly bad. We think to ourselves: “I’m OK. I mean, I don’t hurt people and I live a good life. Sure, I may not do as much as I should to share, but at least I’m not hurting anyone.” We learn, we pray, and we do good things day in and day out. We give charity, and everything is great. But eventually, there comes a time when we are tested.

To show that we must grow spiritually, the Creator gives us a spiritual ladder and the ability to climb up it but also to fall down. Usually, we fall because there is something that happens that brings us to despair. You know: Things happen, difficulties arise. The question is how we respond to those difficulties. Will we pass the test? Or will we fall back on that old complaint: “This doesn’t work for me anymore. It’s not real. God doesn’t care. Why should I even try?”

Today, be on the lookout for your spiritual tests. How will you measure up?


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