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The Water of Life

Seventy-five percent of the body that we are born with consists of water. And you know what is so interesting? As we grow older, that percentage actually goes down. Yes, water dissipates from our body. An average male adult body consists of approximately 63% water. Kabbalistically, water represents chesed (mercy). And so from a spiritual perspective, the way I understand this phenomenon is that as we grow older, our natural tendency is to become inundated with our own prejudices and guidelines and boundaries. We start to decide where our kindnesses should and shouldn’t go, and in so doing we are diminishing the amount of chesed (mercy energy) that we carry with us.

Today, however, with our growing consciousness and the spiritual tools available to us, it doesn’t have to be this way. The more we can inject human dignity and kindness into our daily interactions with others, the more chesed we will bring to ourselves and the world.


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