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There’s a Reason You Are Here

For me, certainty means one thing. I know that the things that happen in my life – however difficult they may be – are part of a grander plan: a Hand that is pushing me in a direction, whether or not I acknowledge it, whether or not I want to go there. We are put in this world with an assigned spiritual role, and we will get knocked around by the universe until we wake up to it.

I know a person who got shot and nearly died, had heart disease and nearly died, got cancer and nearly died. But he is still here, which means there is still something he still needs to do in this life. He keeps getting slammed and getting saved because he has a spiritual role in this world, some spiritual work that he has yet to complete.

Take a look at Moses: Even he was called to complete his job.

Initially, Moses lived a comfortable life in Egypt. After all, he grew up a prince in Pharaoh’s palace! Then one day something happens, and he has to go out of his home to Midian. Then while tending some flocks near Mt. Horeb, where he sees the burning bush. And God says to him from out of the bush, “Moses, it’s time to do your work!”

But Moses says, “I am too old and too tired and I can’t speak well.”

To which God replies, “So here is your brother, Aaron, to help you.”

The time had come for Moses to wake up to his spiritual role in this world, and though he tried to resist the Creator’s call, eventually he rose up to do what he needed to do, what he had been sent to this world to accomplish.

For me, certainty is knowing that the cosmos is always pushing us to reveal our potential and to become who we need to be.


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