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To See The Good

This week’s portion is called Re’eh, which means “to see.” The majority of this biblical story surrounds the idea of blessings and curses, so why then, was it given the name, To See? Why not call the portion: Blessings and Curses?

The kabbalists reveal that so much of our experience of life is dependent upon that which we choose to see. This is the portion that Rav Berg was born in. It is no wonder that he would often say, “If you look for the good, you will find it. If you look for the bad, you are sure to find that too.” It’s true, for almost every person and every situation, there is good in it, and there is bad. This is the deal we made when we ate from the Tree of knowledge of good and evil, we chose a reality where both must exist, so that we could choose.

Now our free will is the work of deciding to focus on what we want to experience. Even when it comes to life’s more challenging moments, we always have a choice: to see the hardship or to find the opportunity for growth that is there. In this way, we can come “to see” that the greatest blessing of all is to understand that everything and everyone is a blessing.

When God created the eye of man, he created the greatest vehicle to appreciate the Light force. It is through vision that we can appreciate the Creator’s many miracles. However, the eye is made up of black and white -- we see through the black of the eye and not the white. For the Creator, in His infinite wisdom, reveals to us that without the darkness it is impossible to appreciate the Light.

This is a powerful week that supports our effort with additional energy to see the good in all things so that we may experience the Creator in all things. How many seconds does it take for us to see what’s wrong with someone? How long does it take for us to judge a certain situation as a “bad” one? This week, take extra care to remove judgments and preconceived notions that happen when we are looking for justice, for what’s right. Especially if you dislike someone. It can be so rewarding to find just one thing about them that’s good, and to choose to focus on this instead. And if you can’t find even one thing, remember: The spark of God exists in every person, no matter what. By choosing to see that spark of the divine, we reveal more of the Creator’s magnificent Light for ourselves and in the world.

May this Light that is revealed by using our eyes to see God in all people transform the negativity that exists to being one of a positive nature.


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