Kabbalistic Concepts

To See Things As They Really Are

If we begin to examine the way we behave, what we will notice is a reactive nature of almost every activity that takes place in our daily lives. Something happens, and we react. We’re not free. We’re not proactive most of the time. 

How many times have we repeated to ourselves, “Now how could I have made such a stupid decision?” How many times in our lives have we opted for that little call of, “I know it’s probably the wrong thing for me to do, but I’m going to do it anyway.” Wait a minute, what kind of conclusion is that? Something is telling you this is wrong, yet you do it anyway? 

The Zohar is teaching us through the portion of Mishpatim how to expand our consciousness, how we can resist the decisions that inevitably bring chaos, pain, and suffering. What a wonderful opportunity so that we no longer are slaves to the whims of this physical reality that somehow has such a broadening power.

This is the portion of Mishpatim – how we can truly find our soul mate, whether it be in marriage, business, or in every and any other aspect of human relationship. Through this reading, we can expand our awareness to see things as they truly are. 


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