Kabbalistic Concepts

Top Courses and Lessons of 2016

2016 was a great year at Kabbalah University! We introduced new courses on the power of our words, finding purpose and understanding our correction process, and the meaning of true wellness as expressed in the Zohar. Kabbalah University students continued to bring positive change to their lives and transformation to the world though the wisdom of Kabbalah. Tens of thousands of students across the globe connected to our weekly Zohar Classes, Michael's Berg's 'Secrets of the Bible', and Shabbat, New Moon and Holiday live streams. We hope to make 2017 even greater with new courses and website features coming your way. As this year draws to a close, take a look back at the top courses and lessons of 2016!

1. Power of Kabbalah Level 1
2. The Power of Our Words
3. The Kabbalistic Nature of Wellness
4. Pinchas: Transforming our Darkest Aspects
5. Tikun: A Purposeful Life
6. Alpha Female
7. The Year of Courage (Rosh Hashahanah 2016)
8. Why Are We Stuck?
9. Harnessing Prophecy from Dreams
10. Practical Meditation


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