Kabbalistic Concepts

True North

For thousands of years, ships would rely on the North Star to navigate their ways through the darkness of night and across the roughest of seas. The North Star stays true in the sky, while the other stars seem to move around it. It is the North Star that we can rely on and trust. We ourselves are like sailors, traversing through sometimes rough and difficult seas. Throughout our journey, we too need a compass to direct us along our way. Our True North is the innermost desire of our soul. It is the calling of our spirit, and the wisdom of the heart. Listening for these inner messages and heeding their call will keep us ever steady on our path towards fulfillment, joy, and even safety. 

Essentially, following our own North Star is our way back home. This week, our North Star shines brighter than ever before. It is our soul asking us to hear it and to follow it home. 

Our portion, this week, is Yitro. The portion begins with “Yitro heard.” Yitro was the father-in-law of Moses, but what made Yitro unique was his ability to hear his inner voice. Yitro heard of how Moses and the Israelites escaped the confines of Egypt, and how they split the Red Sea to escape Pharaoh and his army. Yitro heard of all the wonders and miracles of the Creator regarding the Israelites. Like us, Yitro was seeking spirituality. He was looking for his North Star – and he found it.

Yitro heard of the great ways of the Creator, and rushed to meet Moses to learn more. From this point, Yitro chose the path of the Israelites and began a spiritual journey. 

Yitro’s story can be an inspiration to us all. For though Yitro may have been lost in his own sea of life, he heard the calling of his soul and found his way home. We too are capable of hearing this call. At any moment, if we can silence ourselves and the noise around us just enough, we will hear the wisdom of our inner voice, and our heart’s longing for truth. It is always a choice to head towards our True North. It is then that we can begin to sail smoother waters.

It is tempting to become lost at sea, to follow the many paths that may lead to nowhere, or to drift through life with no direction. This is how we find ourselves in troubled waters. Thankfully, the Light is always there, shining bright like the North Star, guiding us back. Sometimes we only need to be open to hearing new ideas, new paths, and most importantly that quiet voice within.

This week in your meditations sit quietly and be aware of your thoughts and feelings. Breathe, go within and ask yourself what you hear. Where is your North Star guiding you? Can you see it shining? Can you hear it calling you?

The waters of life, I know, can be rough and frightening, but I also know that with the help of the Creator, each one of us, if we wish, can go within and hear what we need to do next. Each one of us can begin a new life and be destined for greatness.  

The sea is wide and the choices are many, but the Creator is always there shining and calling you home to calm waters — calling you back to be with Him.  

Wishing you well and sending you all my love,



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