Kabbalistic Concepts

Understanding the Power of the Light

Do we all understand what the power of the Lightforce of God is and that we merit having the tools to connect to this Lightforce, tools recommended by Abraham the Patriarch some 4000 years ago? How seriously do we take it? How much is it in our consciousness? Yes, we feel something. But do we understand the extent? When I say the Lightforce of God can remove everything negative and chaotic, I’m not repeating some theory of mine; as a result of some investigation I performed.

We don’t realize how desperately important it is to be conscious of the power of negativity on this planet. If we change our behavior from being grounded in selfishness to being grounded in caring and sharing, we are not doing anyone a favor. Why do we get such pleasure or feel so amazed when someone becomes more proactive? It’s a matter of life and death.

*From Rav Berg’s portion of Tazria in The Kabbalistic Bible: Leviticus


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