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Wake Up to Change

Winston Churchill once said, “To improve is to change. To be perfect is to change often.”

This world was created to give us the environment to change! To go up the ladder of transforming into a spiritually evolved being.

When we suffer hardships, it is the grand symphony of life that has placed us in that position so that our soul can go through its process of correction. Each person that has been put into this world was born into a certain family or environment that takes into account their previous lives to enhance the work of their soul. Everything we experience is there to help us evolve and change. The soul may travel through many different lifetimes to achieve its perfection in order to be whole and eventually to go back to its Source, the Creator.

The point is that we came here to this world to change. And when enough of us wake up to this understanding and truly start to work on ourselves and embrace this change, then we will be able to change the world for the better in a big way.


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