Kabbalistic Concepts

Waking Up

Do you ever feel that life is moving faster now more than ever before?

The time between the things that we do and the consequences of our actions has been shortened through the cosmic energy. As this distance between cause and effect shrinks, many of us are finding ourselves in a place where change is almost being forced upon us. We are waking up to the need to be more conscious, to understand on the most fundamental level that there is more to life than just the bread we eat, or the clothes we put on our back, or the way we look.

Through this pressure, we are becoming more aware that reality is governed by consciousness—our consciousness. When we are decent to another human being, that decency transcends. When we are kind, that kindness transcends. When we extend love and caring, that love and caring transcend. And as we let go of our robotic words and actions, we tap into a higher creative force, the Divine spark that resides within each and every one of us.

Indeed, we are standing at the beginning of a wonderful and marvelous time in history, and it is our job, the job of humanity, to create an opening for love to change the world.


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