Love & Relationships Kabbalistic Concepts

We Are Love

We can never really learn to love until we learn that WE ARE LOVE inside of ourselves.

The more we can understand this, the freer we become.

There is a story in which the students of Rav Zusha approached him and found him white faced and crying. They asked him what was wrong. He replied, “I’ve just had a vision, and in that vision I went Upstairs and when I went up there, they didn’t ask me why I wasn’t as humble as Moses or as mighty as Joshua? No, they asked me, ‘why weren’t you more like Zusha?’”

Each one of us has been put here with a specific purpose and role. We are each an important piece of a grand puzzle. We are not built to be “perfect.” Rather, we are built to be who we are and our job is to do the best we can from that place.


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