Kabbalistic Concepts

We Can All Make Miracles

Human experience reveals that where there is belief and a willingness to do what it takes, people have created incredible realities. Consider the story of the 94-year old woman who just completed a half marathon in June (her first full marathon was at 76), or the incredible feats of mothers who in an instant become powerful enough to lift a car in order to save their child trapped beneath? What this tells us is that we all can achieve miracles in our lives, so long as we have the consciousness to create them. Our reality can only change according to what our mind will allow.

So first off, if I want a miracle in my life, I have to really believe it can happen. Because if I don't believe it can happen, then it simply never can. I have always felt that the Biblical portion of Vayera illustrates this idea perfectly. In this story, Sarah had to create the space for a miracle to occur. Avraham and Sarah were close to 100 years old, and well aware that children were not a part of their astrological destiny. And yet, an angel came and told them that Sarah would bear a child. Right away, Avraham was in acceptance of this news, but it says, "Sarah laughed." When she tried to fathom that literally her body was miraculously being rejuvenated and shifted for this incredible feat, she had to ask: Please grant me the consciousness to understand that this is really happening.

So often we ask for things we don't believe we really can achieve, and so we don't create a vessel for receiving it. There is something that needs to be rearranged within our consciousness in order to create the fertile soil where that miracle can materialize. In truth, each one of us has been endowed with the energy we need to fulfill our purpose. As Sarah’s story illustrates to us, with the help of the Creator anything is possible.

We can all make miracles. The first step is to simply believe that we can.


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