Global Consciousness Kabbalistic Concepts

We Will Prevail

Every day, we create dark energies by the negative things that we do. At the same time, we create positive energies by speaking words of Light and being a force of kindness in this world.

When we allow the godliness inside of us to ripple out and touch the people around us, we build our individual Light and strength while simultaneously adding to the positive energy in the world as a whole.

When the Light within us—our kindness, our strength, our love—prevails over our negative impulses—our fears, our hatred, our anger and self-loathing—we contribute positive energy to the cosmic battle of Light over darkness. No spiritual effort is for us individually. We are all interconnected, and everything we do or don’t do affects those around us and ultimately humanity as a whole.

It’s not easy, this battle we face every day of our lives, but it is the one we came here to do. We have spiritual tools we can use and we will prevail.


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